After what it feels like a forever grueling climb, we finally made it to the playground of the Gods. I can’t fully explain the feeling of being able to see the world below while on top of the summit. It was so surreal enjoying nature at its rawest form even if the physical pain is slowly migrating to the different parts of my body. 

Started the trail early morning then descended the summit reaching back the ranger station past nine in the evening. Anyone with a good level of fitness and the willpower to push through the tiring, discomfort and extreme cold can climb to the summit of Pulag. This mountain offers a wide variety of flora and fauna (my favorite are the dwarf bamboos) plus a spectacular show of colors- orange, crimson red and yellows, velvet blue then ink black sky with glittering stars at night. The wondrous spectacle of clouds cascading like falls was purely breathtaking. I just watched in awe the views every moving minute. After 6 hours bus ride then another 6 hours jeepney ride (literally sitting on the roof of the jeepney then slept on the floor inside after) then 2 hours to DENR for briefing another 2 hours to the Ranger station added the ten hours climb up to the 2,922 meters above sea level of 2 degrees summit, I can definitely say climbing Pulag was no piece of cake but the views are stunning like paintings. Seems like the rendering powers of Claude Monet, Henri Rousseau and Paul Cezzane have joined forces in the horizon.  I felt the presence of God strongly while watching the unbelievable scenery unfolding before my eyes. It was a good avenue for indulging in introspection. I jubilantly cheered on my inner faith that my body could do things beyond the regular limits.  I have developed an insatiable appetite for climbing more mountains now. After all, it’s not bad to seek a higher playground right? 🙂












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  1. TheBlackTwig says:

    Raine, which camera are you using? I adore the photos! Breathtaking shots. And can I just say it again, I’m so inggit! Bring me there too!

    • Dahl am using a Canon SLR. It’s not so hard to work on the colors because its pretty vivid around me plus the daylight gave me a good lighting.I could imagine if I use a Nikon or a Leica, its going to come out strongly vivid. It was grueling, my legs are still in pain but with you am willing to do it all over again. Will not say no to a Pulag trip. And thank you, you have amazing photos too 🙂

  2. ideflex says:

    Incredible photos in fantastic locations – you’ve got a great blog! Did that lady carry her baby the whole hike? She deserves a medal… Thanks for visiting.

    • Thank you! The lady is a local so we met her along the way, am pretty sure tho they will pass through the same trail going in and out of that mountain. they are pretty used to all the walking up there!

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