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This is my country and if you are not happy and satisfied with one island, worry not because there’s still 7,106 remaining islands to choose for an endless venture.  Of course I sound bias if I go on selling my country like pancakes here so let my photos speak for my belief that  we truly have more than the usual here.  

I love my country and honestly, I would gladly and honorably die defending this land.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not willing to give my last breath in the name.. say Africa, Argentina, Tibet, Mongolia, Russia, Peru, Japan or Morocco in conjunction with my desire to see some more of the usual in this world.  So if ever you have posts about those countries I mentioned, let me devour my time reading it.  Share.

(Shot from Leica and Canon, these are from my 2011 travels around the Philippines)


MORE THAN THE USUAL SMILE (Bacolod City, Negros)

MORE THAN THE USUAL POSTCARD VIEW (Mayon Volcano in Bicol Province)

MORE THAN THE USUAL SPA (Hamilo Coast, Pico Del Loro)




MORE THAN USUAL LIVING ROOM (Zulueta’s Residence, Tagaytay City)


MORE THAN THE USUAL NIGHT LIFE  (Keisha’s Ballet Recital at Resort’s World Manila)


MORE THAN THE USUAL BALCONY VIEW (Elizabeth Condo, Makati City)


MORE THAN THE USUAL MORNINGS (Surfing in Siargao Island, Surigao Province)

MORE THAN THE USUAL BARKADA SHOT (River Rafting in Cagayan De Oro City with my friends)

MORE THAN THE USUAL “I DO” SPOT (Lake Casecnan, Nueva Ecija)

MORE THAN THE USUAL WORK BREAKS ( Surfing Buddies in Siargao Island)



In Thailand, life is not black and white.  Everything is boosting contrast and colors.