Bahut Accha!

Posted: March 26, 2012 in Flavors of INDIA

You know you’re in India when you get to hear this line from anyone there.  The word Accha is a versatile one but ultimately it means VERY GOOD. Since I have a penchant for learning a new language, I devoured my time in India speaking the basic terms.  Though I lost count of  how many times I erroneously use the word Dhanyawad – the more acknowledged “Thank You” word.  I kind of drove those Hindus away by overusing the familiar words. India was euphoric. I actually love the exhaustion brought about by the pace India was going.

For an in-depth memorable experience, trail-blazing culture and painful yet surreal wake-up calls… BAHUT ACCHA INDIA! You have cultivated my burning desire of immersing in your photogenic country since childhood. I look forward to being reunited with you again someday.

  1. Bahut Achha Post Hai!

    Thanks (Dhanyawaad)

    for sharing (share karne ke liye)


  2. TheBurntMap says:

    Wonder! just wonder!! I was just hurrying up surfing and stumbled across ur blog!
    I was pulled back! What a marvel of pictures you have got!!! too brilliant! and I promptly searched for the Follow button!
    in simple words, Bahut achcha! Ek dum bhadiya!!
    I shall come back to savor those on Burma and Philippines! Shukriya! 🙂
    Bon Voyage!

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